I have performed numerous duties at CII, always with the opportunity to advance as long as I put in the dedication, effort and hard work. I see myself with the company until retirement.  CII is more than just a “job,” it’s close to family. I know if and when I ever need personal help outside of work, I could turn to countless employees for help or advice, up to the highest level of management. It feels as if my co-workers and bosses care about my family life as much as my work life, as I do theirs. This makes CII a great place to work, and I am proud to tell people where I work.

Sanitation ManagerSanitation Manager, Nate Wahl

Working for CII has created countless opportunities for career and personal growth. The company cares about employee’s health, safety, growth, and personal well being in a way I never expected when I first started working for the company 15 years ago. Work life balance is a key focus for all employees at CII. The company prides itself on empowering employees to pursue their dreams. Whether employees hope to stay and grow within CII for many years to come or perhaps they want to go back to school and move on to other life goals, CII will help people get where they want to go. Our team feels like a family, and they are truly dedicated to ensuring the success for our staff, customers and community!

Director of Regulatory AffairsDirector of Regulatory Affairs Nick Foster