At CII, we recognize that our customers want quality products from a company who cares. We are proud to create food ingredients that not only look great, but have a delicious and wholesome taste.

Product Categories


Our food particulates add flavor, color and character to numerous food applications like baked goods, cereal and ice cream. Unlike most fat-based or sugar-based particles, our Flav-R-Bites and Flav-R-Swirl stand up to heat, moisture, are shelf stable and they make your products look and taste better!
Flav-R-Bites don’t have to be sweet! They can add color and flavor accent to chips, pizza, frozen dinners and even dog treats. Create flavor and swirl effects in bread products by adding Flav-R-Swirl, our pre-blended mixes.
Product List:

  • Flav-R-Bites
  • Flav-R-Swirl

Plant-Based Proteins

Plant-Based Proteins are becoming increasingly important to consumers and are therefore a key area of innovation at CII. Manufacturing Plant-Based Crisps and Texturized Plant Proteins (TPP) is an integral part of our day-to-day operations. With increasing pressure to feed the world while using less resources, our ability to provide a diverse portfolio of TPP is critical to helping CII maintain its role as a key player in the food industry.
Aside from the health and wellness aspect of a plant-based diet, consumers are recognizing sustainability as an important factor when deciding to buy plant-based products. By utilizing pea, rice, chickpea, wheat, fava, soy and numerous other plant proteins as base materials, CII has positioned itself as an industry leader.

To further promote these consumer trends, CII has partnered with OptiBiotix Health Plc to use SlimBiome® in our Nutri-Crisps and other products.

Product List:

  • Texturized Plant-Proteins TPP (Pea, Chickpea, Fava, Wheat, Specialty Plant-Proteins and others)
  • Nutri-Crisps (Pea, Chickpea, Rice, Soy and others)

Co-Manufacturing Opportunities available

  • CII offers co-manufacturing for our customers with our extrusion capabilities in the area of Texturized Plant Proteins and Crisps.

Check out our VP of Sales, Scott Cowger, showcasing CII’s expertise in the plant-based foods industry

Clusters & Granola

Starting in 2022, CII will offer clusters and granola at our new facility in St. Joseph, Missouri. By combining whole grain goodness with health and wellness components, such as SlimBiome®, our cluster production will add new product offerings with limitless possibilities. All products can be non-GMO, clean label, organic, allergen-free and increased in fiber or protein.
Product List:

  • Clusters
  • Granola


At CII, we specialize in the panning process and with our knowledge and experience, we are capable of panning nuts, cereal and health/wellness pieces by using highly efficient techniques.

Additionally, we are able to add any desirable coating to products including chocolate, yogurt and candy shell. CII manufactures products with a great appearance and unmatched functionality.

Product List:

  • Panning

Ingredient Heat Treatment Processing

Bag of flour on wooden background
In Spring 2022, CII will offer Ingredient Heat Treatment Processing. Our thermal process will significantly reduce pathogens to an acceptable level in your ingredients.

Flour products can be wheat, pea, soy, rice, corn, and many others.

double chocolate chips cookies dough prepare for bake


CII is unique in its ability to innovate beyond standardized food products. We are driven to craft unique solutions for each of our customers, and have designed our innovation processes to adapt to their needs.
Even as we expand our operations, we maintain an agile, entrepreneurial mindset that sets us apart from larger producers who do not share our passion to create. Our patented manufacturing processes allows for greater efficiency and returns on every dollar our customers invest.
Each day, our Research and Development team of food scientists and technologists works to ensure that CII is constantly improving each product’s flavor, taste, shelf stability and more. In addition to our Research and Development lab, we have a fully equipped applications lab where we are capable of testing our products from start to finish using a diverse amount of equipment. Depending on the need of our customer, we then begin on-site sensory evaluations to make sure we achieve the desired final product before it ships from our facility. Our numerous on-site labs, 422 active product codes that run on multiple production lines and 170,000 square foot facilities are just a few examples of how CII dedicates resources to leading product and process innovation to meet the needs of the customers we serve.

CII is also able to bring in innovative partners to create a competitive advantage for our customers. Most recently, CII has partnered with OptiBiotix Health Plc to bring their functional ingredient, SlimBiome®, to our products. The inclusion of SlimBiome® is an excellent example of how CII’s partnership will add value for our customers.


As a certified organic and non-GMO producer, we are proud to bring only the best quality ingredients to our suppliers and the families who eventually enjoy our products. We create unique food solutions for each of our customers by meeting all types of preferences, including kosher and gluten free diets.
We are a Sedex audited corporation that upholds the highest of labor, health, environmental, safety, and ethical standards, and believe that continually raising these standards is a big part of what makes our food ingredients best in class.

At CII, our commitment to high quality extends beyond our products into our business processes. Our team’s outstanding customer service, on-time order fulfillment, and low minimum order allow us to create food solutions for each of our customers through a process they enjoy. CII is a company that cares.

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